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Welcome to the New Artist Upload.

Your content will be listened to before broadcasting. Please ensure it meets the following criteria before uploading.

  • The music you are submitting is your own work.
  • The music you are submitting is not signed by a record label.
  • You own full rights to the track(s) you are submitting.
  • The track must NOT contain swearing and is deemed a radio edit.
  • The track must not contain any samples of other artists without written permission from the original artist / writer.
  • The track is mastered and presented in 320kbps MP3 format – File Size Limit (10MB)
  • You must include a 1:1 scale album art.

If you wish to sell your music via our site, please get in touch with us and we can add it for resale. You will keep full copyright, rights and ownership of the song, We are acting as a store for your platform and forms part of WNDRLND Records / WNDRLND Distribution. We will not sign you to a record label under this notification, you are free to distribute, sell or sign to your own label unless you would like us to act as your distributor / label. 

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